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With this company you get a confidential writing service that takes security very seriously. They have a secure network and secure servers, and they protect your payment details too. We have found that so many students use this service and services like it that it is actually the students that do not use essay writing services that are at a disadvantage. This writing company hires professional writers to complete the written work of students. They write essays all the way from high school level up to masters degree level.


On their homepage, you can scroll down to see all the different types of papers they will write. It is not very clear because it is written in light grey on a dark grey background. In short, they only write things that you find in college.

The only reason they also offer services for High School students and people doing their GED is because their degree-qualified writers are ‘easily’ able to complete High School material. Nevertheless, their real focus is on college content. If you are in college (or university if you are in Europe), then they have a writer that will be able to complete your project unless you are doing advanced math, advanced science, or unless you are doing programming.


Click on the link that says, ‘Pricing’ if you are looking for a price. The quotation tool they have set up on their homepage is too difficult to understand. On their pricing page you will see their pries per page. They start as low as $10 per page, and climb to a very reasonable $45 per page.


The writing team is made up of degree educated writers. They are easily able to complete custom writing projects for college students. Their quality is somewhat middle of the road. It is not fantastic and it is not bad. Given their reasonable prices, this may be the company you choose if you are just looking for a pass.

When you buy their custom writings, you often find that their quality is suitable for your causes. When we made our orders, we found that their lower quality work was similar to their middle-quality work. That is why we figure you should order their lowest quality work and get a flying pass for your work because it is cheaper and a smart thing to do.


Their support options are a little limited when compared to what we are all used to seeing. They have a phone number at the top of their page, and they have a live chat function that works from Monday to Saturday. They have an inquiry form that you may access from their FAQ section. They have tried to answer as many questions as they can via their FAQ section so that students do not feel the need to ask questions to their customer service department.


We have very mixed feelings about the usability of this website. For example, the quoting tool on their homepage is confusing for us, but the one on their pricing page is perfect and easy to use. Their website seems to be overstuffed with text that nobody will ever read, and yet their FAQ section answers a great many questions that students didn’t think to ask.

Consequently, we are going to edge towards saying that the usability of the website is serviceable, but it is not perfect. For the most part, their website works well and does its job, but we feel there is around 40% of the content that could be snipped out and the website would still do a similarly serviceable job.


Our review is rather positive. We were happy with the service and the written quality of the work they sent us back. We have a few problems with the usability of the customwritings website, but they are nothing more than pet peeves. For example, their testimonials are obviously curated. To test this theory, we had Sally our cleaner send them a very negative testimonial.

It was a bit mean of us, but they didn’t publish it on their website anyway. Overall, their service is quite suitable for college students and adult students that are doing their GED. We feel that the written tone and style that CustomWritings produces is ideal for adults doing their GED that do not want to be caught out cheating.