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One compelling illustration that changes do not always make our lives better can be seen in the invention of the calculator. Before these devices are invented, it is a profitable skill for accountants to be able to perform calculations mentally at decent speeds. However In 1912, electrical engineer Albert Wallace invented the first generation calculator which allowed anyone to perform calculations with ease. Because of this invention, accountants are no longer needed for their ability to do math mentally, hence many accountants had their salaries curtailed, or fired. In 1932, Cathay Wales invented the ballpoint pen. Despite the invention fixed problems such as ink leakage, hundreds of fountain pen manufacturers were driven out of business, thousands of workers were left unemployed. The invention of the calculator and the ballpoint pen have made daily operations easier, but not necessarily improved people’s lives.

Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games Trilogy how life does not always change for better. Throughout the trilogy, futuristic and advanced technology is featured throughout the Capitol of Panem, also the nation has a vast amount of scientific knowledge and energy resources. Despite the fact that these innovations have satisfied the physical needs of Panem’s citizens, it has put many other districts under control and high pressure. These technologies are being implemented into weapons and killing arenas, which had caused many citizens to live their days in fear. This trilogy series is a perfect example that changes do not necessarily make our lives better.

A final example of how life does not always simplify our lives is shown in my personal experience involving moving home. My new house is a lot bigger, which gave us more space to place furniture and granted us a more spacious environment. However, cleaning our house takes noticeably more time and my parents have to work for longer hours to afford the rent. As a result, I and my family had less time to talk to each other and it has become rarer for us to dine together.

The universal notion that life does not always change for better is illustrated throughout history, literary works, and my personal experience. The invention of the calculator, the Hunger Games trilogy and the increased distance between me and my family are consequences and evidence that change do ease our lives, but they do not always improve the actual quality of life.