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The grademiners writing team are able to write a wide range of academic papers and all their writers have English as their first language. They do not use templates to create their essays, and our review team were able to secure special arrangements for short deadline projects. The work that produces is good, and it is consistently good because their quality levels have not deviated since we first started reviewing their services.

Also, despite their trickery with regards to word count, it is possible to get a lower price with this company than with others. Try comparing word-count quotes from other companies with this company, and consider Grademiners longer deadlines, and you may be able to enjoy a lower price, especially when compared to other essay writing services.


This is not a massive writing service, especially when compared to Superior Papers and Best Essays, but they have a reasonably large amount of writing staff. As a result, they are able to write most types of essays and are able to write about most subjects. They are adding more writers to their team, which is going to increase the amount and type of papers they are able to write within the company.


Their prices are rather steep, though it doesn’t appear that way at first. They charge $18.95 per page for a ten day deadline, which seems low, but they count a page as 250 words as opposed to 275, so you will need more pages to get the same amount of content that you would get with another company. Their higher prices are around $44.95 per page.


Not to repeat ourselves, but their quality is ‘good.’ We cannot say they excel in any way, but they do not screw up or mess up in any way either. This review is littered with the word ‘good’ because it is the most apt way of describing their service. They will not knock your socks off, and they will not disappoint you. If you have looked at a few other websites, you could try sizing this company up based on its prices.

They do have slightly longer deadlines within this company, which makes it possible for you to get a slightly better price. Just make sure you compare other companies according to word count and not page count because this company only has 250 words per page.


Their writing services are good, but their customer support is not. There must only be one person manning the entire system because it is impossible to get an answer. When you do get an answer, the staff are so quick to get you off the phone it is almost like the place is on fire. If you have a question, then just consider using another writing service instead of trying to contact the customer service department.


The usability of the website is terrible. It is the worst part of their service. We are not saying that they are a bad essay writing service, we are just saying that their website does not have your best interests at heart. If you overlook the terrible testimonials by terrible actors, you cannot overlook the stupid popup that pops up on every page you enter, and it says it is sorry you are leaving even though you are not.

Their website is so fake looking, from the phony testimonial videos to the pictures of the support staff. Have you ever gone into a customer support office? The staff are fat, thin, ugly, old, young, etc., yet the people on their website are all young, with perfect teeth and catalog-model good looks. It looks so fake, and the website is so poorly formatted in terms of text that you will have to squint to read most of what they have written.


They do have a good writing service. They have a good team of writers that do a serviceable job. We hate to criticize a company on aesthetics, especially when they do such a good job in the writing department, but their website design and content is an insult to people that think objectively and critically. It may fool High School students, but not college thinkers. If you want a good essay, then by all means use this website, but feel free to dislike the website itself…because we do.